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Lady Croissant (Astralwerks)
by Tim Den

Australian seductress/occasional Zero 7 vocalist Sia should be no stranger to anyone who indulges in the air-y, sensual chillout sort of TV soundtrack ambience. Lady Croissant, then, is Sia trying to recreate the slick atmospheres of her studio recordings in the live setting, with a new song thrown in for good measure. Surprisingly, all of her material translates quite well onstage, as both songs from Colour the Small One and Zero 7's catalog come off restrained and sophisticated, emotional and elegant. Her voice is, of course, the highlight, at once bluesy, flirtatious, hurt, and - you guessed it - sexy. And all these characteristics come alive even more on Lady Croissant because you can almost feel her breathe into your ear. Indeed, it's a very different experience from listening to the songs' slick studio counterparts, because all of a sudden, the music is no longer a thick fog of almost surrealistically large amount of dreamy-ness, and instead the kind of living, moving enchantment that Billie Holiday made mesmerizing. If you're already a fan, Lady Croissant just might make you think of Sia's music differently. If you're new to her, get ready to swoon.


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