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Twisted Tower Dire | Netherworlds | review | metal | Lollipop

Twisted Tower Dire

Netherworlds (Remedy)
by Martin Popoff

Lots has gone on in the Twisted Tower Dire camp since the release of the band's third album, Crest of The Martyrs in '03, the most significant being the replacement of singer and nine year veteran of the band, Tony Taylor (depression issues), with Viper vocalist Johnny Aune after the recording of Netherworlds. The mission remains the same though, Netherworlds offering more of the band's antiquey, authentic power metal unglossed by modern European influence, more like just the best one might gather from Sweden '85 or America '87. It's cool how doomy the tracks feel without the guys actually playing doom - it's just a successful striving for timelessness. Taylor's vocals are really quite high too, perfect for the band's very melodic, almost slippery and smeary vibe (these guys belong on Cruz Del Sur). There's both texture and a wall-of-sound to this, even as the whole thing is quite trebly, maybe even lacking in bottom end. It's the way the hipster classic metal bands are doing it: Play it loose and a little drunken, except Twisted Tower Dire have the chops and deep-dish metal knowledge that slays trendiness. Such a synthesis should make this record fully acceptable to any traditional metal fan, and a cherished item indeed, if that fan "gets" the reason behind the organic vibe of the thing.


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