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Metric Buttloads of Rock! (No Idea)
by Tim Den

For those of you who didn't grow up in South Florida during the early '90s, Radon were (and once again are, thanks to this reunion record) everything you loved about bands like Doughboys, Lemonheads, J Church, and early Goo Goo Dolls: Garagey hooks, AlterNation rockability, and the belief that good songs mattered. They played on every bill every weekend and brought with 'em the kind of fun, raw purity that punk used to embody. Metric Buttloads of Rock! is the reunited troupe's first record in who knows how long, but the boys sound completely unaffected by time: This album's straight outta 120 Minutes' beginnings. So, basically, it's a fucking riot to jam out to. Maybe I'm just old and jaded, but nothing these days sounds this unself-conscious, free, and/or joyous. You've got all of punk's youthful naivete, rock's memorability, plus a dash of indie rock's jangly chords. What else could you ask for? And how appropriate that No Idea is putting this out, since both the label and Radon have long been associated with keeping Florida from sinking into the abyss of redneck country and/or reggaeton. Praise both parties!


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