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The Knights of Fuzz | The Garage and Psychedelic Music Explosion | review | dvd | Lollipop

The Knights of Fuzz

The Garage and Psychedelic Music Explosion from 1980 to Now (Dionysus)
by Craig Regala

The guy who put this together, Timothy Gassen, "knows," and I know he knows, 'cause I was there. I bought the Chesterfield Kings first LP, (on LP) from the singer Greg at the House of Guitars in Rochester NY in '82. He said, "Do you really want this?" I said "uh, YEAH!" He signed it "long live '66!" It pisses me off it's gone, but that's what being a fuck-up does to ya. So what do we have here? A DVD of a buncha clips from bands that dug a buncha cool stuff book-ended by '62 -'68. They fed off it and were usually amped and fueled by the concurrent snot punk and power pop stuff swirling around. It's narrated by Tim himself, and it's a-fucking-okay. Here're some names: Fuzztones, Miracle Workers, Girl Trouble, Plasticland, Les Breastfeeders (with a great snot-punkraver) the Cynics, and Tim's band, Marshmallow Overcoat. Add another nine, and that's Volume 1: The United States and Canada.

I was privileged to see one of the greats of the genre, The Boys From Nowhere, many a time (and conned those jokers into recording a tune for me), as well as four of the bands on the DVD. I've spent many a moment with garage rock compilations (Pebbles, Back From The Grave), and rock bands fueled by the stuff; Nomads, Lime Spiders, DMZ, as well as punk ID'd units feeding off it; The New Bomb Turks, and the Hives. I do it 'cause the stuff rocks out in a fun, funny, and personal way. You don't do this to cash in, ya'know? What seals the deal is chucking the disc in the computer and tapping into the 26-tune comp, an e-version of the Knights of Fuzz book, and a ton and a half of pics and articles.


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