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Frozen in Time (MVD)
by Tim Den

Recorded the same night in Warsaw as the Grave DVD Enraptured, Frozen Alive is every bit as clear, well-produced, and packed full of crushing death metal. And, ironically, it's also another genre-defining band's first proper DVD. On Frozen Alive, Florida legends Obituary stomp, groove, shred, and ooze through 20+ songs, intros and all, showing that they haven't slowed down with age. Material from every album is visited (though pinnacle World Demise is only represented by two songs, for shame), though surprisingly staples like "Memories Remain," "Cause of Death," and "Don't Care" are missing. Hmmm. Regardless, the Polish crowd again reacts ferociously, chanting the band's name and headbanging until their necks break. Extras include interviews with four out of the five band members (that are less than exciting), two music videos from Frozen in Time (pretty much live clips with random stock footage thrown in), a drum solo that's more tribal than technically dazzling, some home videos of the band, and a short "backstage in Poland" thingy that's basically useless (except for capturing bassist Frank Watkins and rhythm guitarist Trevor Peres singing country in their tighty whiteys). Not exactly a treasure trove of extra goods, but a good effort.

It's worth noticing that Obituary have very obviously mellowed out - at least performance wise, not songwriting wise - over the two decades they've been together. The band seem relaxed and laidback on stage (specifically lead guitarist Allen West, who borders on emotionless Zen while playing), so much so that the songs almost feel like they're taking a walk in the park. All the chugs and breakdowns are still there, but the band almost play 'em softly. But such a fact is understandable, considering how mellow the band members are themselves (don't believe me? Watch the interviews). Obituary have always been Southern/Floridian dudes who take life easy - smoke some weed, drink some beers, do some fishing, watch some NASCAR - not NYHC gangbangers or L.A. hoods. As their disenfranchised youth slowly evolved into content adulthood, so apparently has their playing. But hey, Obituary songs themselves are fucking heavy as shit, so even if the members aren't pounding their instruments, you get the point.


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