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Dominici | 03 A Trilogy Part 2 | review | metal | Lollipop


03 A Trilogy-Part 2 (InsideOut)
by Alicyn Leigh

Following his 2005 self-release, 03 A Trilogy - Part 1, Charlie Dominici, former frontman for Dream Theater (circa 1989) makes a prominent comeback with Part 2, a powerful melodic progressive metal CD that incorporates incredible musicianship and intense songwriting with an interesting storyline.

Producer and vocalist, Dominici, penned the lyrics and wrote the music along with his backing players that consist of progressive metal virtuosos hailing from Italy: Brian Maillard (guitars), Americo Rigoldi (keyboards), Riccardo eRik Atzeni (bass) and Yan Maillard (drums).

Dominici's vocals are powerful and versatile ranging in styles from Queensrÿche's Geoff Tate to a baritone Renaissance timbre. The opening instrumental track, "The Monster," builds up to a crescendo that introduces guitarist, Brian Maillard's shred-work, who at times mixes in hints of Satriani and Zappa. On "Nowhere to Hide," again Maillard's guitar work is executed perfectly; playing beautiful melodies with vibrato and then switching gears to shred, shifting the song into grind overdrive. Throughout the album, keyboardist Rigoldi creates a theatrical atmosphere with extraordinary key compositions, and drummer Yan Maillard's machine gun drumming accents the intricate music, while keeping the players tight and timed. "The Cop" begins with a futuristic drum march and Atenzi's bass levels are turned up, making his consistent well-rounded bass notes heard.

Dominci's polished prog sound hits the heights of noted acts such as Symphony X, Braindance, and Ayreon that continue to produce prodigious music. The music industry should recognize Dominici's work, too, and finally kick up the shoddy musical standards existing in today's mainstream releases..


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