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Some Action

The Band That Sucked the Life Out of Rock N Roll and Killed Itself in the Process (Gigantic)
by Ewan Wadharmi

I go to Burger King once in a while. I'm comfortable with their food, and find it quite satisfying. But I've had everything on the menu at one point or other in my silly little life, and except for the regrettable BK taco experiment, there's no surprise coming out of The King. The '70s garage punk from Some Action is good like that. They have a great sound and really catchy, singable, anthemic songs like "Give It Back To The Animals," but there's one just like them on every corner. Meaty arrangements surround Johnny Thunder-ous guitar bits, commendable smash-n-grab drumming with an abundance of high-hat. At several points, the song begs for handclaps or a cowbell, but like an optical illusion, your mind automatically inserts them where it thinks they ought to be. It comes with snotty East Coast spouting, raw production, and gear-shifting basslines. "S.T.A.B." gives a remedial spelling lesson and "What's It Going To Take" is the obligatory Ramones tribute to wash it all down. Very enjoyable, you'll probably be back for more. But you'll never pick it out of a line-up.


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