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Western Xterminator (Drag City)
by Scott Hefflon

This is so bad, it's embarassing. This would work great as an anti-drug PSA: "Look kids, see how clueless you become if you do hard drugs?" I'm no pansy, I'm not anti-drug, and I sure do love me my rock'n'roll, and I cut "nostalgia" rock a lot of slack, because over-thinking rock'n'roll usually makes you like it less, not to mention yer a party-pooper that no one will ever casual ask "what do you think of the new XXX?" again.

Jennifer Herrema was in Royal Trux with then-husband Neil Hagerty (formerly of Pussy Galore). Their drug abuse was legendary, but I seem to recall the tunes were good, but my memory's pretty shot. I do recall we tried to interview Jennifer, and she made no sense whatsoever and we ran with it. Lots of mumbles and ...s for "answers."

Western Xterminator is echoey and glammy, and having survived the '80s once and hearing terrible bar bands mangle Stones tunes and Crüe tunes alike, I simply can't sit through this thing. It's lowest common-demoninator bar rock 20 years past relevance.


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