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Rotor | 2 | review | rock | Lollipop


2 (Elektrohasch)
by Scott Hefflon

Rotor ain't easy to peg, which makes them interesting as well as a bit frustrating. The bio opens with "Instrumental Groove Rock since 1998 - Berlin's finest," and that steers ya in the general direction. Lead-off track "On the Run" misleads with some vocals, but then it's onto cosmic exploration juxtaposed by droning, fuzzy riffery, cerebral vs he-man thud, ya dig? Some jazzy prog wank and some "I like to hit things" repetitive slow building and you've got yourself a bit to ponder and smoke up to. My favorite moments are the Pelican thunder rock, the simple, monolithic (baby) trudge of a riff you won't remember in the morning, but it's worth gettin' down with tonight. But that's me. Some might prefer the lazy noodling, finding the bombast a bit brutish, but they can zone out in the beanbag chairs in the corner, I'm here to nod my head, slap my thigh, and drink until I go blind.


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