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Funeral For Yesterday (X of Infamy)
by Scott Hefflon

Can't find a label site for Kittie's "label," which originally was called Kiss of Infamy, now called X of Infamy due to a lawsuit from another overrated rocker who needs to go away, Gene Simmons. Not that the name matters much, cuz it's not a real label anyway. Their first label, Artemis, is long gone, and the label that ate them up, Sheridan Entertainment or something, is gone too, I think. Tough times. Dunno if Kittie is considered an unsigned band now or not.

Anyway, (mostly) gone are the growls, and replacing them are layered harmonies that sound a lot like Finland's Lullacry, not that American audiences even know who they are because American audiences are shallow and stupid and spoonfed mediocrity and can't seem to tell the fuckin' difference. One difference is both the two singers Lullacry's gone through had a much broader range than Morgan. The same notes and general melodies are repeated, song after song, and I kept looking at the track number to make sure they were actually different songs.

10 years in the game, and this is as far as they've progressed. Hell, when I interviewed them when their first release came out, they'd never heard Slayer, and everyone they talked to kept saying they were good and they should check them out, so perhaps if you consider at what low point they started, getting here in a mere 10 years isn't horribly embarassing. You're too nice if you think that.

Pass on this one and go check out Lullacry and the whole freakin' Finnish scene, much of it on Spinefarm Records, and let Kittie focus on their lame-ass clothing line.


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