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Frame The World... Hang It On The Wall (Scarlet)
By Scott Hefflon

Another killer band from Scarlet, who really needs to break into the U.S. market, seeing as they have creative, quality releases to offer. Just no one but the diehard heads here know it. Kayser and Allhelluja seem to be on the same release cycle, which is cool, because they're flipsides of the same coin you want in yer collection. Where Allhelluja is metal dudes playing ass-ripping hard rock, Kayser is stoner rock dudes teamed up with Swedish metal dudes, shredding tunefully and tastefully. It opens with a pick slide, then thrashes like The Haunted. There some dirt rock pounding later, a few interludes here and there, but it's all about Spice's voice (ex-Spiritual Beggars) and the clipped, compressed riffs. (Members of The Mushroom River Band and The Defaced, who still haven't gotten the respect they deserve from Soilwork fans.)
Again, get this band on the mp3 CD if ya gotta camp out on Scarlet's door. A roster this solid shouldn't be a secret to the U.S.'s ravenous metal fans.


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