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The Body and The Soil (Go-Kart)
by Scott Hefflon

I love Go-Kart's complete lack of stategy. They sign good bands from a wide variety of genres, sometimes sign some dumb shit (but a whole lot less than "underground" labels who gave up integrity for sales years ago, undermining the indie of "alternative" and becoming "shitty mainstream labels on the verge of going outta business"), but you can't accuse them of having a "sound" like most labels. Which is probably one reason why they're broke most of the time. Ira is like Isis, Neurosis, Pelican, and all that instrumental stuff I've had a casual interest in for years, as you should to, but kinda don't see a whole lotta reason to rush out and get the new whatever record, seeing as it ebbs and flows like a bad dream, just like the last one, so what's the rush?

I like good drone, and this has it. I like sparce tinkering that doesn't try to convince me the casual strum is a fine art brush stroke conveying man's struggle against inadequacy or some high-falutin' nonsense. I love me my dark washes of seething hate, a passive, near-blacked-out gnawing of the guts that the world is full of shit, and everyone and everything can burn in flames for all I care, but I'm too saturated with whiskey and hate to strike a match.


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