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Dodsferd | Fucking Your Creation | review | metal | Lollipop


Fucking Your Creation (Moribund Cult)
by Chad Bowar

Dodsferd is a one-man black metal project from Greece. Wrath is the man behind Dodsferd, and his music has been dubbed "dirty black-n-roll," a combination of raw black metal and rock. Fucking Your Creation is only four songs and an intro, but it still clocks in at nearly 40 minutes of evil. The first two tracks are 11 and 12 minutes long respectively and showcase many different sides of the band without becoming monotonous. Classic Vincent Price sound clips lead into typical low-fi black metal with buzzing-style guitars and shrieking, high-pitched vocals. But instead of degenerating to mere noise, Dodsferd adds a little melody to the anguish, and even a few actual hooks. He pays homage to classic Norwegian black metal, but also adds his own twisted touches to make things more interesting.

More than any other genre, atmosphere and image play a huge role in black metal. Wrath fits the bill with the corpse paint and nihilistic lyrics, and music that is bleak and disturbing. Put these elements together with the quality of his music, and you have a first-rate black metal album.


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