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Daughters | Hell Songs | review | metal | Lollipop


Hell Songs (Hydra Head)
by Hansel Merchor

Daughters' previous Canada Songs was totally bestial, but this is a whole other dodgeball game. It belongs to the same band because the players have remained tight, and the music is still extreme, but its nature is different. It's original in the sense that it has been influenced by more leftfield extreme bands, but since those leftfield extreme bands exist, this is not that original after all. Think of it as grindcore without structure, Mr. Bungle on a violent meth high, Napalm Death without the sustained heaviness, the Barney Greenway growling, or the Napalm Death for that matter, John Zorn in the middle of a Central Park jog mind-building his next opus, then shake a stick at it and you're getting slightly close. This band is wise, because in all its loose space, Hell Songs is tight and compressed. Every player seems to be in his own headspace, and playing his own songs or interpretations of the same songs. "Feisty Snakewoman," "Boner X-Ray," "Crotch Buffet," and "Recorded Inside a Pyramid" all share one common threat: Free fucking will.


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