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Blinded Colony | Bedtime Prayers | review | metal | Lollipop

Blinded Colony

Bedtime Prayers (Pivotal)
by Martin Popoff

Sweden's Blinded Colony emerge with their second (post-name change) album, following Divine, recorded for Scarlet Records, an apt home for the band's perfection melodic death metal sound, but now ex-home. Now with a brand-new Florida label to call home, let's hope the guys can enter the tour grind on a regular basis. That is, if tolerance for Soilwork-styled bands holds up for a few more years. It's a case of too many bands this good, and not any stumble on quality, that might cause this oddly named band to be lost in the shuffle. Strengths are many, in fact, top being the smoldering, butt-shaking riffs all over this album. The keyboard washes are a nice touch too, and there's an esteem ascribed up into Mnemic and Lyzanxia, but alas, vocals are generic hollering and the production is a little plastic, with that pen-on-desktop bass drum sound. Exasperation: Bloody good band, yet one of way too many sorta similar, so what do you do?


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