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The Old Haunts | Fuel On Fire | review | rock | Lollipop

The Old Haunts

Fuel On Fire (Kill Rock Stars)
by Ewan Wadharmi

"Civil Salvage" starts in with a replicated gypsy tinge, followed by the dark 16 Horsepower vaudeville country of "Death On The Sickbed" and "Culture of Prey." It's not until the mystical strains of "Paradise" that Craig Extine's aluminum foil vocals really begin to reflect Led Zeppelin. Tinny and shiny and ever so crackly, he buries Robert Plant in the middle of The Bad Seeds. "Unveil A Key" plunks along like a Yiddish caravan, trying to lose the sorrow that drags along behind it. Then it turns around incensed, and goes into a full blown rage. He sordidly vintage arrangements, rail yard trapset drums, guitar all a-jangle and ka-blink, and plodding bass create a sinister platform. If you can wade through Extine's Witchie Poo squall, The Old Haunts are pretty damn good.


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