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The Mooney Suzuki | The Black EP | review | rock | Lollipop

The Mooney Suzuki

The Black EP (V2)
by Stevo

I just wrote a review for the Street Dogs that dealt a lot with the subject of honesty and believability and the abundance said band has of both, despite some admitted failings. If the Street Dogs are the White on this subject, The Mooney Suzuki are truly the Black. I've never for one second believed anything The Mooney Suzuki have said or performed. For the most part, it sounds like someone taped an hour of a really good oldies station that plays a lot of The Who and The Zombies and then put their own lyrics to the songs, so blatant is the plagiarism. Add to that the fact they called in the same songwriting team that rocketed Avril fucking Levine to stardom for their major label debut and you've got a recipe for "I could fucking care less about these shams." This is a re-release of their Black EP with five "bonus" tracks. If you're down, you'll dig it. If you're not, you'll skip it. Which is exactly what I would've done had this not come to me for review.


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