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The Adored | A New Language | review | alternative | Lollipop

The Adored

A New Language (V2)
by Ewan Wadharmi

"Princess, you think you're a queen/ not very likely 'cause you pay to be seen/ darling, you're leaving this land/ and I'll be waving to you here from the sand." In the mod context of "The Queen's Head," these could easily pass for Paul Weller couplets. But more to the point, there're any number of voices that could issue these words and still come out smelling like a sage. This new language involves a pedestrian vernacular that expresses mature, clever thoughts which regular folks can identify with and appreciate. The street-level tales of drugs, turning tricks, and general still-lifes are delivered with an enviable smart-ass confidence that age has traded in. Elements of The Clash, Adam Ant, Madness, and even Bangles sneak into the batter, that bakes up strong sing-alongs "We Don't Want You Around," "Not Having It," and irritating throwaway "New Language." But the lyrics are strong throughout, even when the music gets more Vapors than Vibrators.


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