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Teeth of The Hydra | Greenland | review | stoner | Lollipop

Teeth of The Hydra

Greenland (Tee Pee)
by Scott Hefflon

From Columbus, OH, Teeth of The Hydra sound like they're from Boston and signed to Hydra Head. But perhaps they're less pretentious, and like to hit things harder and faster, without feeling the need to explain to you why their noise is really high art or some shit. Ugly, noisy, and brutal, even when strumming an acoustic, and heavy in that sludgy, painful way, like playing old Slayer riffs with a blanket over the amp, so loaded that you fixate on string bends and stagger around dangerously. It's kinda metal, actually, and the lyrics sounds dumb, but it's more energetic than your average toothache drone, so I'll sit through a few extra runs through a stoned-stupid riff they repeated, probably cuz they forgot what was supposed to come next. Like it matters. This ain't a pop single you know every word to, it's a grunting groove, a thick, slow spiral down a clogged drain of dread.


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