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Skid Row | Revolutions Per Minute | review | rock | Lollipop

Skid Row

Revolutions Per Minute (SPV)
by Scott Hefflon

The boyz are back, just Bachless. And it doesn't matter much. They're grittier and a bit more jokey country-fried, but if they were still swirly-haired gutter-glam, they'd get laughed off the stage. They were always more pissy than Poison, good ol' trash rock like G'N'R, with a hunk of a singer with a range to kill for. And showmanship no teenage boy band these days can match, and they should stop wearing the goddamn tee shirts already. Irony is cheap. The cover of The Alarm's "Strength" is classy. The "punk snarl" is authentic. And the knee-slapping yahoo of "When God Can't Wait" and "You Lie" are a hoot. No nostalgia white-wash needed, Skid Row will still get you revved up and ready to fight, "Another Dick in the System" will still piss off parents, and strippers can still grind the pole to "Shut Up, Baby, I Love You."


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