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Boys Like Girls | review | alternative | Lollipop

Boys Like Girls

by Lenni Coffman

Floppy hair? Check. Moody expressions? Check. Too tight girl's jeans? Quadruple check. By all appearances, Boys Like Girls could be just another of the emoticlone bands that've flooded the airwaves recently. And yet, I don't feel the need to pop a Prozac immediately after listening to their album. Hmmmmmm.

Filled with catchy hooks and displays of actual talent, this self-titled album reminds us all of what's its like to be 16, with only lust and liquor on your mind. Pure nostalgia at its very best. While these boys still have a long way to go before becoming men (come on, we all knew that pun was going to get in there sometime) unlike many of their peers, they might actually get the chance to mature.


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