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Bad Lieutenants | Every Time I Come Around | review | rock | Lollipop

Bad Lieutenants

Every Time I Come Around (Teenage Heart)
by Hansel Merchor

"They play punk-infused arena rock like retarded hillbillies." Or so it reads the bio on their MySpace page, and damn if that ain't right. Bad Lieutenants hail from Jamaica Plains, MA, and I just want to reach into the small pockets of America and dig up all that hidden talent. Easy to link this stuff up to porn-obsessed Seattle fave boys Dwarves as their carnal cravings and musical leanings seem to be the same. Very much in the same vein of Blag Dahlia and company, Bad Lieutenants offer 15 quick tracks, which widely vary from excellent to average to forgettable. The record starts strong with the repetitive "Balls Out in Memphis" and, surprisingly enough, the level of energy is the last thing to falter. "Little Hitler" is fun in its semi-acoustic vibe, while other songs like "Now You Gone N Done It" and "Jesus On the Phone" get lost with irrelevant pairing of melodies and vocal lines. "AA Meeting," for instance, is one of the best tracks, not only because its insistent guitar lines are solid and reflect the theme, but because most of the swaggered rock and roll vibe is exchanged for some ballsier rock and roll. Most of Every Time I Come Around is quite solid, the main problem I see here is the abundance of material. 15 track is a lot for anyone but The Clash.


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