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The Flaming Sideburns | Back To The Grave | review | rock | Lollipop

The Flaming Sideburns

Back To The Grave (Bad Afro)
by Scott Hefflon

I saw The Flaming Sideburns open for Sahara Hotnights when they were starting to blow up, and the Sideburns wiped the stage with those overrated tarts. Doesn't matter who ya date, if ya can't bring the rock, get off the stage. Sahara Hotnights were always less exciting than Kittie or The Donnas, and that's not saying much. Anyway, The Sideburns are kinda like The Hellacopter (who they shared a split with once) in that they dig deep into the vintage soul and r&b styles so they lose a lot of trendy "garage rock" fans cuz they don't wear matching suits and have moppy hair. They rock, they howl, they duck-walk, they make a racket like good rock'n'roll should. So while there may be a little less spazzy howl here (it actually comes late on the plate), perhaps a little less wide-eyed testifin', titles like "Evil Woman," "Let Me Go," "Are You Ready," and "Bama Lama Loo" shake it up.


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