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Drama Queen (Bodog)
by Dan Bernal

Neurosonic feels like 311-Inch-Nails. The brainchild of Canadian scene vet and one-man anger management expressionist, Jason Darr, Neurosonic indulges the kind of production and visionary focus generally born only to lone-gunmen or player-producers. Complex and tightly-knit vocal harmonies are stacked on dense, mammoth guitars, with industrial synth and sample layers sinking at times into the dungeon with Ministry while at others surfing with Sublime. The hooks are large and radio-friendly, the tones warm and punchy, Darr has his production very together. There's no lack of fuck-you built into the sardonic anti-establishment rhetoric: He's cynical and pissed and spends a lot of time in the basement screaming about it. You'll waste no time waiting for Neurosonic to develop, this feels fully cooked and ready to market. Whether or not Darr's lone persona finds a wider audience remains to be seen, but you can't step out on much surer footing as far as production and performance are concerned. As a pre-release copy, there's no track listing or musician roster included with my review copy, but every player (or perhaps every one of Darr's multiple personalities) is a slick motherfucker. Stick them on tour with Linkin Park, it'll fly. His voice is a little whiney, but hell, so is Reznor's, and that worked out pretty well.


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