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Modern Life is War | My Love My Way | review | hardcore | Lollipop

Modern Life is War

My Love My Way (Deathwish Inc.)
by Hansel Merchor

As aggressive as melodic punk/hardcore can get before stepping into total meathead bully punk/hardcore territory. Wisely, Modern Life Is War know exactly how to straddle the very thin line between becoming a cliché and standing out by having only one distinctive aspect: Solid, catchy songs. On these 12 tracks we find their fully aggressive sound evenly balancing rough macho man vocals, accessible hook-laden riffs, and post hardcore arrangements. The odd combination works because the emphasis is placed on the melody, and while it doesn't let go of the aggression, it manages it. My Love My Way is a reissue of their overlooked 2005 release, and a quick listen reveals why it deserves a second chance.


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