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Killswitch Engage | As Daylight Dies | review | metal | Lollipop

Killswitch Engage

As Daylight Dies (Roadrunner)
by Martin Popoff

I suppose when you're the leader of a whole genre, namely metalcore, you're not exactly inclined to jump ship. So no Lamb-ish pure metal props for these guys (and less surprisingly, no bizarre late '80s thrash parody as per Trivium). No, Killswitch Engage are content to combine the usual emocore vocals with nondescript hardcore barks, over the usual formulaic metalcore riffs, sweet Shadows Fall harmonies shoved side by each for no discernible reason (see Iron Maiden) against mountain-moving maneuvers from Machine Head's noticeably improving catalogue. Vocals are thankfully mixed way back (but then again, that's just another point of irritation), and the production is suitably wet, especially down toward the drum sound. But man, this is straight-up hearts-a'-hurtin' metalcore time and time again. "My Curse" breaks stride with a steamy groove (falling apart for an emo chorus at the minute and a half mark) and "For You" successfully courts the new martini shaker grind (its inevitable post-Patton gheyness coming at 49 seconds).


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