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Flogging Molly | Whiskey On Sunday | review | dvd | Lollipop

Flogging Molly

Whiskey On Sunday (Side One Dummy)
by Ewan Wadharmi

Musical taste aside, Jim Dziura has created a story of human spirit full of engaging characters involved in a fascinating journey. The fact that they happen to make intensely joyous music is really the icing on the cake. Flogging Molly's Irish frontman, Dave King, serves as the impetus for this collective, each with their own history, personality and talent. However improbable it is that they fit together, the strength of the band lies in these disparate elements. We get to see the creative process exercised, from the ideas scratched out to the recording and performance on stage. Molly's working-class blend of punk fervor and literary Irish rebellion becomes more thrilling from the personal anecdotes. And if there's a villain in this road movie, it's the road itself. The sacrifice the band makes to bring the message to the masses is determined in miles. More than any interview can, Whiskey On Sunday shows lives interwoven for a common goal. Hats off to Dziura, the next Jonathan Demme (unpronounceable music documentor.)


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