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Destroy Destroy Destroy

Destroy Destroy Destroy

Devour The Power (Blackmarket Activities/Metal Blade)
by Scott Hefflon

What can you say when "ironic metal" is so rockin'? "Huh-huh, elf metal rules." Shredding Children of Bodom metal played to perfection, shrieking Cradle of Filth metal played to a (Manowar) tee. All the Viking lore played for your giggling, ironic amusement. Grrreeat musicianship, all snickering at the hoakiness of metal. I don't know whether to throw the horns or poo. I dug Punky Brewster and Zimmers Hole (Strapping Young Lad side-projects, in case I'm losing you here), but I don't know if I wanna chuckle with Destroy Destroy Destroy or hate them for shitting where they eat. The bio sez the singer wears a g-string and gauntlet onstage and is built like He-man, so I think I'll cheer them on, cuz while making fun of metal, at least they have the talent to do so. So these monkeys know the grind, which is better, I guess, than the dumb-ass monkeys who haven't learned to play mock metal at this level. (I've been told these guys live and breathe metal, that this is no joke, but there's just something nudge-nudge, wink-wink about the theatrics and jaw-dropping power.)


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