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Death Breath | Stinking Up The Night | review | rock | Lollipop

Death Breath

Stinking Up The Night (Relapse)
by Martin Popoff

Entombed are almost a rock 'n' rollsy parody of serious death, The Hellacopters are in possession of their own elusive ironies, and now Nicke Anderson from both those winking units winks again with an excellent collection of beard-pullin' traditional madness which recalls another band that is just plain ironic these days, Unleashed. OK, Bloodbath did this already, and did it well, but no one's sayin' there isn't room for more wet and sloppy hollerin' and punkified riffing. Adding to the wobble of the thing is drum production that sounds hand-carved at 16 rpm and then pushed and shoved to fit California hardcore velocities from 1983. A bunch of old saws show up to help Nicke, and their bog-blasted enthusiasm makes explosive switch-hitters like "Flabby Little Things From Beyond" bubble over and light the place on fire.


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