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Yyrkoon | Unhealthy Opera | review | metal | Lollipop


Unhealthy Opera (The End)
by Ari Joffe

Yyrkoon cranks out ultra heavy extreme metal that grabs freely from a bag of styles including death, thrash, and black metal. Wonder what the name means? Wonder how you say it? They're French, and they have a major thing for H.P. Lovecraft. And probably Bolt Thrower, too.

I dig this album. On a scale of 1 (Slipknot) to 10 (Death), these guys would be a 7. Their best quality is their ability to carve tight arrangements out of a slab of riffs, giving the music an easily digestible quality that's refreshing, especially in a genre that's cluttered with self-indulgent bands that serve up overcomplicated riddles to the listening public. Yyrkoon grind, thrash, then break it down. There's tons of guitar solos, and super precise (maybe a little too precise for my tastes) drumming. These fellas know how to play, that's for sure.


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