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White Demons | Say Go | review | rock | Lollipop

White Demons

Say Go (Sonic Swirl)
by Dan Bernal

A comparison to Buckcherry is inevitable after the first raspy note from White Demons' vocal wailer/guitarist Nick K's near-identical snide swagger atop a similarly fueled hot rod. Punkish, Ramones'n'Roses-inspired progressions are littered with buzzsaw guitar leads trampling wherever the hell they please while Nick spits whiskey-throated odes that probably raise many a skank's shirt in appreciation at shows. White Demons is the kind of show you bring your own keg to, just in case. Lead guitarist Tony Krank apparently founded Krank Amplifiers whose endorsees include the late great Dimebag Darrell. His tone is biting and punchy and, as with everything about this band, extremely in-your-face. Say Go is straight-ahead cock-rock played well, recorded clean, with all the necessary accoutrements: Over the top lyrics and vocal drive, galloping drums, ripping bluesy guitars, and a tempo that'll keep you bouncing in the pit 'til they kick you out of the club. That's OK, I'm sure these guys are having a party at their place after the show... The one setback of this CD is that the tunes tend to sort of blur into each other, but you won't mind letting it spin a few times until you can tell them apart. Rock on, boys.


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