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Scar Symmetry | Pitch Black Progress | review | metal | Lollipop

Scar Symmetry

Pitch Black Progress (Nuclear Blast)
by Hansel Merchor

Swedish death/power combo plays the brand of aggressive/melodic metal that despite its exhausting bipolarity works because both extremes are executed to absolute perfection. If we were to separate this quintet in two camps, we could clearly see where they are coming from. On the death metal side, the guitar tone is totally Entombed circa Wolverine Blues, with the added dynamism that technology has made available, and growled vocals that are not as threatening as early death metal wanted us to believe. On the power side, we have the anthemic verses, climbing melodies, meat and potatoes riffage, up-tempo double-bass drums, and clean and triumphant choruses. The point at which both genres meet is incongruous yet mysteriously harmonious. In other words, raw on the inside (the death metal influence), and well-done on the outside (the bombastic European power metal which has claimed more than half of this pie). For this, the band's second effort in less than two years, the band has improved on the most memorable aspects that made of their auspicious first release, Symmetric in Design, such an impressive debut. The guitar sound is grander, the hooks more deadly, and the melodies more developed and instantly ear-catching.


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