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Meds (Astralwerks)
by Stevo

Most of the time, the people best suited to review albums from established bands are long-time fans. Generally, they can give you a lot of insight. Sometimes, though, those long-time fans are too steeped in the band's history to be of any real use, and are often more bitter than an old coffee filter. Long-time Placebo fans will probably tell the uninitiated that this is a terrible record to start with. However, Meds has won me the fuck over right from the first acoustic-driven manic stomp. Every now and again, I get the feeling this is what Big Black would've sounded like if they'd stayed together. Both bands also have a slight, bookish fellow of a singer who'd probably gut you with a pen knife if he was given the opportunity. Both are epic and demented, heart warming and horrifying, organic and electronic. You, the uninitiated, are safe in the hands of Meds.


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