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Orbit Service

Songs of Eta Carinae (Beta-lactam Rings)
by Scott Hefflon

When people reference Pink Floyd, they're usually thinking "Money" or "Dark Side of the Moon" or "Shine on Crazy Diamond" or "the classic rock hits" that, while often lushly dark, are not exactly the seething, teetering on madness yowl you come to love if you delve deep, and often, and drink heavily late into the night, alone, hating sound, sight, smell, and the very thought of thinking. Yeah, Orbit Service seep like brackish water beneath your melodic sensibilities, and the guitars, when they goddamn well feel like it, roll like thunder here and slither confidently there. I'd hate to call "the rest" soundscaping, cuz that just sounds too artsy-fartsy... Goth and metal bands can light candles and contemplate slitting their wrists or punching walls to roaring guitars and 4/4 beats all they want, Fields of the Nephilim, Dax Riggs' various bands, the lesser-known Floyd tunes, and now Orbit Service fill the black hole when you have a long night and a head fulla hate.


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