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Object | The Mirror World | review | alternative | Lollipop


The Mirror World
by Dan Bernal

Object sounds to me a bit like Daniel Johns from Silverchair singing over half of Sonic Youth. Singer/guitarist Eric Kramer has a strong set of pipes that exhibit more charisma when showcasing his warm tone and control than with the occasional shrieking outbursts. Likewise, drummer and lone band-mate Maria Schettino sometimes leans a bit toward busier parts which can remove stability in favor of showcasing individual prowess. I prefer the more stable moments like "The 8th Floor" which features a powerful, hooky chorus without diving off into chaos. On the throat-punishing "Walk Away," elements of Eddie Vedder's pained rasp squawk out within the framework of another melodically friendly chorus hook, an anchor Kramer is talented enough to deliver with pretty solid consistency. Kramer's guitar weaves a compelling blend of fuzzy, chugging ear candy and restless anti-tone leading the sometimes loose arrangements to generally rewarding payoff hooks. Definite radio potential lurks in this fledgling duo.


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