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Palace of Mirrors (The End)
by Tim Den

Is it any wonder that Trey Spruance (Mr. Bungle, Secret Chiefs 3) discovered Estradasphere? A six-piece out of Santa Cruz, CA who utilizes classical, rock, and ethnic instrumentation to formulate scores that range from "chamber ensemble, jazz combo, gypsy metal band," to film soundtracks and '60s pop, Estradasphere are carrying the torch (albeit in a much more domesticated and "pleasant to have tea with" manner) left behind by Mr. Spruance's former band. Middle Eastern melodies collide with Japanese Shamisen, Romanian rhythms crunch to the thunder of Metallica riffs, vocal harmonies frost Coltrane-like arrangements: Yup, this shit is out there, just how I like it. And although Estradasphere are much more subdued and streamlined in their ideas and execution than the schizophrenic assault of Mr. Bungle, the multiple personalities still get to rear each and every one of their beautiful heads. Will you be able to put Palace of Mirrors on at a party? Nope. But certainly on Halloween night, or as the background to an avant garde play!


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