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Dylan in the Movies | Feel The Pull | review | alternative | Lollipop

Dylan in the Movies

Feel The Pull
by Dan Bernal

Boston-based singer/songwriter Brian Sullivan's brainchild features lush arrangements swimming in expertly sailed washy production with some star support from sexy ex-Belly/muse-thrower Tanya Donnelly and Weezer/American Hi-Fi bassist Scott Riebling, among others. Sullivan has apparently already tested the Dawson's Creek waters with this material and has since moved up to film placement with the opening track "August Moon," a drama-worthy slow rambler with a hint of Chris Isaak charm circa "Wicked Game." The CD creeps awake in a somber mood, but cheers up with "Momentary Breakdown," a bright, summery tune with warm, British-tinged guitars, and a less nagging vocal than Oasis, while still recalling their repetitive ease of digestion. The only real departure comes on "Give It Up" which thrusts drummer Brian B to the forefront, galloping over a tastefully-toned snare with vocals reaching nearly into Soul Coughing terrain. This EP covers a healthy spectrum and proves putting your money where your studio is definitely pays off. Since Dylan in The Movies is already in a movie, Sullivan should push for getting Dylan in a record store, as this product is ready to sell.


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