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Reinkaos (The End)
by Hansel Merchor

Eleven years in the making (including a lengthy prison sentence after leader Jon Nodveidt killed a homosexual immigrant), Reinkaos is Dissection's last recording (Nodveidt subsequently blew his brains out this last August). As a swan song, Reinkaos is pretty darn decent, emphasis in decent, as it shows the band deserting black metal and embracing a more melodic heavy metal approach. Songs such as "Dark Mother Divine" are surprisingly mild, mid-tempo, and direct, and if not for the fact that Nodveidt's voice remains as corrosive as the band's heyday, most of this material would be tagged power metal. Lyrically, Dissection remains Satanic ("God of Forbidden Light", "Infernal Fire"), but overall, Reinkaos hardly reflects the influential quality that was so evident in Somberlain and Storm of the Light's Bane.


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