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The Pink Spiders | Teenage Graffiti | review | punk | Lollipop

The Pink Spiders

Teenage Graffiti (Geffen)
by Stevo

I saw these guys about three years ago in Birmingham, AL, and knew right then and there that they had something. Could I've predicted that their debut full-length would be on Geffen Records and produced by Ric Ocasek? Good god, no! Would I've said these guys would definitely be on Warped Tour and then follow that up opening for Good Charlotte? No, not really. The last three years have obviously been quite a journey for these cats. Ric did a really good job on this record, but I think he rounded off a few too many edges. It leaves the band somewhere between Sugarcult and OK GO with the Exploding Hearts' wardrobe. This is rom/com soundtrack punk, for sure. I wish them well, they're very nice dudes. I predict they'll have a lot in common with Sugarcult. They'll be in a lot of 16 year old girls' iPods and car stereos, but a follow up that'll maintain the little bit of fame they have now isn't really in the cards. But I've been very very very wrong about these guys before. This could just be the beginning for these guys.


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