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Shimmerplanet | For the One Who Kills Tomorrow | review | alternative | Lollipop


For the One Who Kills Tomorrow (Shark Meat)
by Dan Bernal

A few notes into this I'm already a little bummed. It's not that intelligent lyrics bother me, it's just that I want to enjoy music before I have to think about it. I'm hearing two bands in Shimmerplanet: An eclectic and beautifully orchestrated quirk-pop outfit with a soaring female vocal afloat over sonic landscapes bridging the gap between Björk and Porno For Pyros, and a quirky trip-hop and world music-inspired Morrissey drowning in over-clever verbosity. This is an ambitious project with instrumentation and arrangement complexity galore. Like a symphonic Ween, Shimmerplanet blazes through the veneer of genre and style, releasing a core vapor of pure musicality in a way more often heard in film scores than pop songs. Their two-headed serpent boasts equal talent on both sides, but I only enjoyed one.


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