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Nazi Dogs | Chase The Man | review | punk | Lollipop

Nazi Dogs

Chase The Man (TKO)
by Stevo

I'm very intrigued by the recent increase in "Nazi" and "SS"-named bands these days that're accepted without question. If this was 1995, there's no way this shit could fly. I think it's a sign that people have grown senses of humor and the ability to recognize the absurdly offensive comedy in such things when the people involved don't have a thing to do with any Reich. Third or otherwise. At any rate, The Nazi Dogs would be a very effective opener for The Spits. Just as cretenous, but minus the keyboards, and with just a little more rock'n'roll in them. This is crucial music for those times when you've got a head full of coke, a bellyful of beer, and a desire to run around in circles in the opposite direction as everyone else, trying to break a nose or two.


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