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Gravity Propulsion System | Get Destroy | review | rock | Lollipop

Gravity Propulsion System

Get Destroy (Ascetic)
by Craig Regala

Ya know, the promo sheet on this one's pretty right the fuck on. Yeah, they throw around heavy-hitter names like Mission of Burma and Amphetamine Records, but why not? Hell, shoot high guys, thank fuck they're not in it to be mediocre. The compositional/functional/found-noise/skronking guitar hum and strained/hollering/bewildered singing are still intact. This seems to be their "voice." Everything's sharper, tenser, and wound tighter.

For me, they link up hot-wired no-wave derived amp-scree with rock'n'roll impulses that shoot through fellas like Mclusky, Morsel, Mt. Shasta, the Means, and, well, the whole scummy, fertile pond of Skin Graft Records. They're Americans that can't help themselves: They're gonna rock in a culturally genetic way. Thankfully, it's in a personal voice, although I wouldn't mind hearin' 'm wack a Link Wray cover around. Last rec's "Black Helicopter Unit" pulls somethin' like the beginning of the Beatles' "Tomorrow Never Knows" (their best tune ever) for a lift off.

Pick to click: "Fake Skyline." It's got the kinda clamp-down hook you expect from a guy who'd sharpen the hook on the end of his fake arm to make it really stick when he decides to jab ya. It's as good as "Signal Jammer" off Poison Rays. That's notched up there, buddy.


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