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Waves of Visual Decay (Nuclear Blast)
by Hansel Merchor

Someone's got to issue a warrant for the arrest of these three Norwegians. The way they've plagiarized the music of Seattle's Nevermore is pretty much a blatant crime that not only reveals a lack of individuality, but some instrumental chops. Communic specializes in complicated rhythms, machine gun guitars, complicated double-bass drums, and the somewhat operatic vocals of also guitarist Oddleif Stenslaf who aspires to provide the same exact wavelength as Nevermore's Warrel Dane. In other words, this is prog-infested exasperating power metal with high aspirations for heavy metal prowess. The difference between Communic and Seattle's finest is the masqueraded simplicity of Stenslaf's guitar playing. While sharing vocal duties and wanking the fuck out of his axe, he can't hold a candle to Nevermore's mighty twin guitar attack. Still, Waves of Visual Decay is impressive in its elasticity. Unfortunately, for a band that's three records into its career, it's sort of a shame that they haven't developed a personality yet.


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