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Ignite | Our Darkest Days | review | hardcore | Lollipop


Our Darkest Days (Abacus)
by Chad Bowar

It's been six years since Ignite's last studio album, and they don't disappoint with Our Darkest Days. Ignite has hardcore and punk credibility, but also have the ability to write very catchy and commercial-sounding songs. Their music combines punk, modern rock, and hardcore. The vocals are very melodic, in the style of a pop punk band, but the songs are edgier and grittier than your average pop punk band. Ignite is environmentally, politically, and socially conscious, and they put their money where their mouthes are, donating proceeds from previous singles and split CDs to causes such as Doctors Without Borders, Habitat For Humanity, and Earth First. The lyrics on Our Darkest Days reflect these beliefs, with songs about the war in Iraq, poverty, and the political strife in vocalist Zoli Teglas' home country of Hungary. The cool thing about Ignite's approach is that even though the lyrics cover serious topics, the songs are very melodic, with great hooks and memorable choruses. You'll find yourself singing along, and maybe even learning something. It's nice to find an album that has both depth and infectious melodies.


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