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Kick In Your Heart (Mountain Lo-Fi)
by Scott Hefflon

I was captivated by a burned CD EP, no jewel case, simple photocopied "cover." If you saw the bins of CDs and got the deluge of emails hounding you for your opinion of the worst of 'em (the worst bands hire the pushiest publicists: Some kinda Murphy's Law, I guess), you'd realize it's tough to win me over with skimpy packaging. But the music shone through, and then the seven-song Kick In Your Heart came in. While perhaps a little echoy and breathy (often a good way to sultry up a weak mix), Gliss show a lot of potential. The phrase "indie darlings" is used in the bio, but that's not the band's fault. There's some nice, subtlety electronic touches, nothing showy or dancey, but lending to the Curish guitar and trembling vocals that'd make you sway in a crowded, dark club. Even when they get peppy and do that awkward indie rock dance (The Quaint, The Faint, whatever that band is called comes to mind), it's still got a nice dark underpining, a spy bassline or something, which saves it from the trendy cut-out bin. Consisting of three sharp-dressed members, two smoldering males and a sexy-without-trying female, Gliss is an indie rock band name to keep an ear out for.


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