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Genghis Tron | Dead Mountain Mouth | review | metal | Lollipop

Genghis Tron

Dead Mountain Mouth (Crucial Blast)
by Hansel Merchor

For those already familiar with last year's EP, Cloak of Love, this new release offers an improved version of the same hysterical discharge. This time, a substantial portion of the electronic beats has been replaced by more grind, and on occasion, a touch of electrified doom. The guitars sound more assured and comfortable occupying much of the space that was previously taken by loquacious exchanges. That doesn't mean that Genghis Tron sounds tamed. Not at all, take the title track, where the rock switches from electric white noise to dumbass grind, there's a certain finesse going on. "Badland" mixes quivering guitars with electronic beats, but rapidly gets into a short drum & bass space before falling into a black hole of death metal. Much has been said of the pop influence in this group's music, but the way this trio rapes their respective instruments takes them as far away as possible from the pop genre. This works for those already accustomed to works whose purpose is not only to annoy, but to create something so extreme, the result is nothing but absurd and vomit-inducing mayhem.


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