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Gary Reynolds | Instant Happiness | review | alternative | Lollipop

Gary Reynolds and The Brides of Obscurity

Instant Happiness (Electrokitty)
by Scott Hefflon

Like many unsigned bands, Gary Reynolds needs someone to tell him what NOT to do. Gary's got the chops, the voice, and the songwriting talent to get and keep your interest, song after song, but it's the "let's do a country song next" ideas that need to be nipped in the bud, not allowed to be written, recorded, and released. There are a few instances like that on Instant Happiness. A gem like "On The Radio" is followed by a tribute to Black Crowes blues with cheesey female backing, and the momentum is gone. But then a glorious vocal like that of "Elijah" wins you over all over again. Critics have referenced Bowie a number of times, and yup, there sure are similarities in tone, droop, and warble. While certainly not a cop-out, it makes the songs seem a bit familiar, even upon first listen.

Gary should be encouraged and advised, cuz once those embarrassing moments are erased from memory, the lasting impression is great production, classy songwriting, and the vocal and playing chops to be great rock band, in this or any era.


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