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Chach | To Destroy Your Boyfriends Confidence | review | rock | Lollipop


To Destroy Your Boyfriend's Confidence
by Dan Bernal

The bio invokes Van Halen, Roxy Music, Sabbath, and Depeche Mode in the first sentence. Let's take it down a notch y'all, no sense starting your construction career by trying to build the World Trade Center... and the Empire State Building... on Tuesday. I hear some Urge Overkill, maybe a little Smithereens at times, stuff that was already a bit shadowed at birth, but stood right up. The crew in Chach can play, they know what they're trying to do, and they construct their tunes well with progressively layered arrangements and a well-traveled but slightly novice pop sensibility. Chach look cool, sound strong, produce well, and would stand up at any multi-band show you wandered into. When they dock into their voice, they may yet be a formidable new/old rock outfit, but for the moment, they're still swimming.


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