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A Change of Pace | Prepare The Masses | review | punk | Lollipop

A Change of Pace

Prepare The Masses (Immortal)
by Chad Bowar

On their second album, A Change of Pace has focused their sound. For Prepare For The Masses, the Arizona band has ditched the screaming and more intense styles of their debut, going more the melodic pop punk route. Some of the songs are really catchy and radio-friendly, about half are good, with some excellent guitar riffs and memorable choruses. They've also tackled more serious subjects: "White Lines and Lipstick" is about vocalist/guitarist Torry Jasper's struggles with addiction. Songs like that work well. Unfortunately, the other half of the songs are completely generic and forgettable with lyrics that are simple and often cheesy. A Change of Pace has the ingredients for success, they just need to eliminate the filler and focus on writing quality songs.


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