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Retisonic | Levittown | review | rock | Lollipop


Levittown EP (Ascetic)
by Tim Den

It's been a while since we last heard from angular, hooks-filled post-punks Retisonic, so what have the boys been up to? Apparently, making films and recording tunes bicoastal style (guitarist/vocalist Jason Farrell, who also handles the band's artwork, videos, and all recording/mixing/producing aspects of this EP, recently moved to L.A. while the rest of the band continues to live in New York). Levittown EP is a taste of the full-length to come (tentatively titled Robots Fucking), jamming 17 minutes of guitar/bass countermelodies, rhythmic writhing, and taut/muscular vocal phrasing into six lean songs. Short and sweet, the tunes nonetheless say a mouthful with all of these savory characteristics filling out every crevice of the aural field. They're concise slices of punk energy, top-notch musicianship, intelligent twists and turns, and pop catchiness done by people who enjoy nutrition with their glucose. In other words, memorable songs chiseled out by punk veterans that'll completely satisfy. What else did you expect?


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